I'm trying to revive the fun and personal on the web. Part of that has been starting blogging on my on my website (this blog!). That lead to me starting Tanzawa, the custom CMS that powers this site.

And since one side project isn't enough, I also started an app that monitors my solar array output on my roof called Sunbottle. You can see it live at

You can find me on and mastodon I used to be on twitter @jamesvandyne, but I deleted my account. Oh, and on flickr, but I don't really post there.

Living in Japan

I'm living in Yokohama, Japan with my wife, son and dog. It's great. You should visit.


I'm working at Kraken Technologies, part of Octopus Energy, helping to de-carbonize the Japanese electric grid. It's fun and nice to be part of a larger team working together to help prepare the electric grid for our renewable future. We're hiring!

2023 Goals

  • 100 runs
    • I made a page just for tracking this. Check out /runs
  • Tanzawa
    • Migrate off Turbo βœ…
    • Photo / Gallery / Video(?) post support
    • Native syndication
      • Decided that was better. βœ…
  • Sunbottle
    • Integrate with Octopus Energy API
    • Build a page showing savings / potential cost of my usage without solar. βœ…

2022 Goals

  • 100 runs -> 56% complete
  • Tanzawa
    • Strava plugin βœ…
    • Theme support βœ…
    • One-click-ish deployments βœ…
  • Visit America -> Have you seen the exchange rates? Not happening this year. -> Tickets booked for early 2023 πŸŽ‰